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Curiosity is your Duty

Whether or not we think about it, our decisions affect more than just ourselves. Depending on who we are and what it is that we do, the effects can be big or small. One of the biggest decisions most of us make on a daily basis is whether or not we will ‘care’. To think that we are not obligated to do something is perhaps our biggest misplaced belief. Perhaps the pressure that surrounds ‘acting’ is that we cannot think small, somehow, over time, an expectation has developed that when we think, we must think big, and when we act, our actions should be on a large scale. This could not be further from the truth – being curious about everyday ‘facts’ is a great start, and informing yourself the best action!

Start out simple, be it the source of what you eat or what you know – ask a simple question a day, and make it a goal to find that one answer. Chances are, your questions today will lead to your question for tomorrow. If I were god, ignorance would have been a sin, and curiosity the biggest virtue!